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VTA Trans-Care

The VTA Trans-Care Employee Assistance Program is a service for companies in the industry that don't have their own EAP support programs for their workers.
The EAP is confidential and is intended to help employees deal with personal and work problems that might adversely impact on their job performance, health and well-being. It also provides managers and supervisors with skills to identify and resolve workplace issues before they get out of control. Learn more about VTA Trans-Care

Upcoming courses

Pallet Management for Senior Managers
Time: 8.00am to 11am
Cost: members $180
           non-members $220

Pallet Management for Pallet Managers/Controllers 
Time: 8.00am to 11am
Cost: members $120
           non-members $150

Taking expressions of interest for:

Chain of Responsibility

Fatigue Management

Load Restraint

Mentoring Training

Supply of Skilled Staff


Induction & Training
Staff are inducted and enrolled into an accredited training program tailored to match your compliance, skills and cultural requirements.

Managed Workforce
We manager recruitment, site induction and HR/IR related issues.  You can determine the level of your contol over our workforce.

Reduced Labour Costs
Contracting a portion or all of your workforce to the Academy reduces employee oncosts, staff liabilities and operational overheads.

Staff Supply Chain
We provide you with a supply chain of skilled, proven and career oriented staff that can be directly employed.

Workplace Training


Staff Attraction & Retention
Accredited programs enhance your employee value proposition through providing the necessary workplace skills development and structured career pathways

Productivity & Efficiency
Ongoing staff development and training increases productivity, improves workplace efficiency and reduces the risk of costly accidents and injuries.

Integrated Workplace Training
We can align training to the exact requirements of your business and integrate the programs into your workplace.

Targeted Short Courses
We offer specialised short courses unique to the Transport and Logistics industry, practical, relevant and flexible delivery.

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